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Georgia Web Services was begun in 1996 when our area received a local Internet Service Provider. Soon after Surf South came online, Wayne began to make himself available for web page design.

Lets first share with you our Computer experience. Owning a computer since 1978 when the first Radio Shack Home Computer was introduced, Wayne has spent many hours learning everything he could about the computer. Having received his Amateur Radio license in 1977, once Wayne received that first computer, he has communicated with and made friends with individuals in the computer industry.

Many hours every day is devoted to learning about the computer and how to use it best. Being in contact with those in the industry, Wayne was always asking questions of his friends, many of whom worked with NASA. The information gained was more valuable than a college class in many ways.

Talking on the radio every day, Wayne learned in early 1985 about Amateurs beginning to test a new mode of communications called Packet Radio. It didn't take long for him to become involved with the group, adding a new set of friends. Being involved, the closest of these friends was in Atlanta. Together they built a Radio Network with the Packet Mode, linking their computers together. Wow, a 180 mile network allowing the transfer of computer data between their homes. The world wide group used the Internet in those days to share information with other groups around the world. Most of those involved had access and permission to use the internet through their work. With the help of one of these friends Wayne was introduced to  and allowed access to the internet to receive the shared information. Wayne was involved in testing data equipment for several companies.

Wayne has been online since 1985 when he was introduced to the Internet through his Amateur Radio Hobby. This was before there was a World Wide Web.

The purpose for being online was to participate in a brand new project for the Amateur Operators. Wayne was the first in South Georgia and one of 5 in Georgia who were developing the new mode called Packet Radio. This mode linked computers by radio for the transfer of computer information and eventually pictures across the state and world. The Internet was used for those involved in this project to share information they learned with other Amateur Operators World wide.

When the World Wide Web was introduced, Wayne began studying and building the new Web Pages for other Amateur operators to access. As the web grew at a rapid pace, Wayne was constantly involved and communicating with Amateurs world wide who were also involved in the Web. Being involved from the beginning, Wayne has gained much information that is very helpful.

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